How to Clean Windows: Removing Stickers and Tape


How to Clean Windows: Removing Stickers

Many times when cleaning windows, whether it be at home, or on a commercial job, you will encounter a sticker that needs to be removed. Stickers can be a bit tricky sometimes, as it is tough to get them off with only your hands and a scrubber.  One of the things that we prefer to use when removing stickers and signs from windows, is to scrape the window.
how to remove stickers
Contrary to popular belief, you can actually take a razor blade to a window without damaging the windows integrity and shine.  The only time that you cannot scrape a window, is if the window is either tinted, or soft tempered.  If the window has tint, it is difficult to scrape, as the tint will become scratched and tainted.  Soft tempered glass scratches no matter what you do, so it is a bad idea and you can ruin an entire job because of scraping soft tempered glass.

How to Scrape the Window

Once you have encountered a sticker or residue that is resistant to mere scrubbing, you must begin the process of removing the sticker.  First, ensure that you have enough water on your scrubber.  If the window is not thoroughly wet, than no matter the kind of window, you will lace the surface with scratches.  Once the window is wet, on and around the sticker, you may begin scraping the window.  Keep the window wet throughout the process so that you are never scraping a dry glass surface.

You can use a normal razor blade to scrape the window, however, their are nice blades that you can acquire from just about any store.  Keep in mind when removing stickers that a long handle would be nice, and that you don’t want to cut your fingers.  Razor blades can slice open your hand in a heartbeat, so be careful not to get your hands in the way.

A light scraping across the surface of the glass will take the sticker or residue right off, leaving your window pristine and shining.